What Does Centred Mean?

Centred is our approach to making you healthier. We focus on centering you to restore the correct balance and wellbeing in your body. We aim to make you feel better and function better through whole of body treatment.

We help you take care of your body, so it takes care of you.


Lightsview Chiropractic Services

Our centre provides a range of different treatment modalities and services. This allows greater diversity towards your care.

Identifying Pain


Identifying the source of problems is our focus. Applied kinesiology helps to locate the source and better directs our care, helping you to get better.


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Life takes its toll on your body. If you feel your body movement has changed or are experiencing pain it may be appropriate to be assessed by one of our chiropractors. 


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Better Foods For
Better Living


You are what you eat! Eating whole foods is essential for optimal body function. Our chiropractors can directly direct your care to aid in this.


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More Than Just Back Pain

Centred is our approach to achieving a great level of optimal health. Pain is our bodies way to alerting us to a problem, but often there is more that is going on than we realize. With our centred approach we aim to identify the source of the issue and help you function better.

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Personalised Health Care

We are dedicated to helping you function better. This is why we assess as many aspects of your health as possible, and direct your care to your specific needs. We take the time to get to know you and make sure you are improving with each visit.

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