There are many significant traumas that occur in children’s life. e.g. birth, learning to crawl, learning to walk, falls from bicycles, carrying heavy school bags and sporting injuries.

Children are also spending more time in front of computer screens and television which can seriously affect their posture. A child should be active. Due to the technology age they are increasingly becoming more sedentary in lifestyle leading to sluggish body function and postural function. These physical traumas/ inactivity not only impact on growing skeletal systems, but also developing nervous systems.

Children develop and grow so quickly and if left uncorrected the smallest physical trauma could cause significant damage. As a person’s nervous system is the most important system in the body, it is essential that it receive the care and attention it needs. Many childhood complaints such as “growing pains” can also be traced back to the spine. Chiropractic check-ups of your child’s spine can minimise these complaints and often prevent conditions which can become chronic in adulthood. Obviously, adjusting techniques are modified depending on the age of the patient.