Are your kids practising these healthy habits in school?

Australian school kids can spend up to eight hours a day in school and at the end of January, millions will pack their bags, polish their shoes and head back into the classroom for the year ahead. To get the most out of their school day, it’s important for kids to practise healthy habits to keep their mind active and their bodies moving.

Kids don’t often think about the impact that common activities like sitting in a classroom, carrying a heavy bag and excessive screen time, can have on their overall health and wellbeing. Lightsview Centred Chiropractic wants Aussie kids to start practising positive spinal health habits all year round.

“Kids spend the majority of their day at school, so we need to help them learn to make the right decisions about their health and wellbeing,”

“This January we are recommending practical and useful tips for kids and their parents to remember when heading into the year ahead and we hope they will practise all year round.”

These tips include carrying a backpack correctly with both straps, sitting correctly in school with their shoulders back and relaxed, and eating a balance diet. Lightsview Centred Chiropracticalso recommends kids stay hydrated throughout the day and get at least 60 minutes of physical activity daily.

“Another big part of learning these days is from computers and screens, so monitoring children’s recreational screen time and potentially reducing it to two hours a day can help with the effects that screen use has on a child’s developing spine and overall wellbeing.”

As part of the Australian Chiropractors Association’s Back to School public health campaign Lightsview Centred Chiropractic is encouraging the community to start practising these healthy habits in school and at home.

Chiropractors are well placed to assess and manage disorders of the musculoskeletal system and offer solutions and advice regarding your existing spinal health issues or how to improve overall health and wellbeing.

To find out more about how to practise these healthy habits, book an appointment with Lightsview Centred Chiropractic at 55 Fosters Road Greenacres on: 8260 3499.

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