Did you know that …..  Incorrect backpack weight and position has been found to alter posture, gait, create shoulder asymmetry and cause an increase in lumbar lordosis (Rodriguez-Oviedo, P et al 2012)

Incorrectly fitted backpacks have been found to cause back pain in 46.1% of school children (Mackenzie, W et al. 2003)

With so much focus on adult spinal health people can forget how important children’s growth spinal health is. Children grow more rapidly than adults.

With incorrect back packs you can understand the long-term effects that this can have if incorrectly fitted. Which in turn can increase back pain into adulthood.

With children heading back to school, we want to address the importance of proper backpack position and its effect on children’s spinal health.

Backpacks that weigh greater than 10% of a child’s weight have been shown to be dangerous. This can cause back pain and increase risks factors of back pathology ( Mackenzie et al.2003) .  

We would like to ensure that you child does not become part of these statistics.

Have your child’s backpack assessed and fitted correctly by one of our chiropractors.

Reference list

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